Membership Levels

New Membership Changes Effective October 15, 2021 – Please refer to Rules of Membership for complete details.

ONVIF offers five classes of annual memberships to accommodate different levels of participation: full, contributing, registered affiliate, user and observer.

  • Full and contributing members can actively influence the development of the standard by participating in the work of the organization.
  • Registered affiliates are affiliates of full and contributing members and share many of the same privileges of their parent company’s membership. For more information, see the Rules of Membership.
  • The user member level is open to organizations who wish to use the network interface specification and have access to specification proposals but do not want to participate in any work of the organization.
  • The observer member level is open to organizations who do not want to participate in any work within the ONVIF organization, but who is granted certain limited benefits such as the right to access Network Interface Specification test tools. However, observer members may not present, claim, market or promote any hardware product or software application or other device to be qualified as a conformant product. Companies that are device manufacturers or client software vendors may not join at the observer level.

Member privileges at a glance:

Membership Level
Registered Affiliate
Vote for ONVIF Steering Committee member*
Full Only
Participate as an ONVIF Steering Committee member*
Full Only
Add Registered Affiliate to membership
Vote for committee member (except Steering Committee)*
Chair a committee*
Participate in Technical, Technical Services and Communication Committees*
Vote in Committees & Working Groups*
Participate in ONVIF working groups
Early access to specifications and related material
Meeting participation (annual meeting and others)
Access to specification draft
Ability to self-declare conformant products
Use of ONVIF and profile logos for conformant products
Use of conformance tools
Use of ONVIF Member Portal
Use of ONVIF Member logo

* Parent member and its Registered Affiliates share participation and voting privilege.